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An Exercise In Realization

In the continual quest to learn life's secrets, the questions concerning the purpose of your existence, the lessons you should learn, will eventually come up at some stage. Thus, are you destined to search continually until it no longer matters, when life is no more?

Life is like a Banana, ever-changing color - from green to yellow, to brown and black, and all stages in between. Green is the color of youth, nature, endurance, earth, health, abundance, and growth. Yellow is the color of sunshine bringing light into your life. It's associated with joy, happiness, intellect, and energy. Brown represents friendships, fertility, earth, materialistic thoughts. Black represents sophistication, the strength of character, wealth, and of course the final solution, death.

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The Magic Is In The Making Of It All

Make it clear in your mind what you wish to see, what you want as well as don't want to have within your reality.

You have within your power the ability to make whatever you want to become real, this ability is limited only by the extent of your vision, by your ability to perceive in reality the things you have envisioned within your mind.

Have the vision to create something this is wonderful, something that will last a lifetime, something that has true value forever. Avoid passing fantasies or things of little value, they will only distract you from the things that will bring wonder and magic into your life.

Individual Thoughts & Ideas

The concept of what is and what isn't.

Does your cup runneth over, is it half full or half empty - or do you just don't care and drink whatever there is without any consideration?

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Can you see the light or not?

Realization is the key to all things, is what is - what is; then what isn't - what isn't; or visa vera, basically nothing really matters because it is all thought to be an illusion.

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Reality is your illusion

It is actually a fact that what you choose to believe will become your reality, what you desire is what will be.

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Grow Rich with Knowledge

Life can be likened to a long and winding road; it is also a garden where it becomes possible to grow and bloom. Like plants, with the correct nourishment of love, light, sustenance you can grow and bloom.

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Feed your mind with Light

Some people spend there life walking in darkness, they don't actually realize this because this is the darkness caused by the lack of knowledge. Enlightenment is created through knowledge or illumination, creating a moment of light in the darkness.

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Confines of your Space

You should always maintain the integrity of your own private space guarding against undesirable intrusions

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Seek And You Will Find

The search does require an effort that for some is not feasible, they are distracted by the cares of the day, the need to make ends meet.
All their effort is spent on temporary things that for the moment seem to hold the priority for them. Yet if you are prepared to search for your life direction it will surely be made clear to you.

Your Potential Is Infinite

There is actually no limit set on your potential or even what you can achieve, it is all limited by your ability to see the potential of your desires, as well as the effort you are prepared to make to bring something into your life, you can ask for and then receive as much as we want.

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Your World Is What You Make It

What You Think Is What You Are

Womb With A View

Your Womb With A View

The world is like a womb in which you live, you are surviving within it by using what you require and need from within this system called your reality.

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Last Apes Left Standing

Last Apes Left Standing

It is the conclusion of history that we, human beings, are in fact the last highly intelligent apes left standing, the rest have been condemned to extinction by time..

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Nourish your mind

Nourish Your Mind To Grow

The world is our garden, or more appropriately a playground for our spirits to come to break the boredom of eternity, a kind of holiday resort for the mind.

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Candle's Burning

The Candle's Burning

Always find your guiding light, the beacon in your life, be it a person, place or thing - find your life path or life purpose then follow it with utter dedication, total focus, determination, concentration with a strong endeavor.

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Perceive to Conceive

Perceive to Conceive

What is real or not real sometimes takes some effort to distinguish between them, indeed the subject is quite complexed, being open to individual interpretation and perception.

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Journey To Infinity

A Journey To Infinity

Deep in our memories the ancients passed on experiences that haunt us in our fears as well as our nightmares; also indeed our belief patterns have been molded by the generation upon generation of the ones that have passed this way before us.

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Creative Materializations

Start changing your life now. Nothing of worth was ever achieved without the element of persistence. Life gives to you exactly what you expect, what you are prepared to accept.
Life will simply keep repeating itself unless you continually add some new experiences through your desires. Start changing your life for the better now, taking this life's chance to pursue the things that enliven you, that give you satisfaction, joy and brings true bliss.
Life is actually a journey of your desires, a game you can play to creating whatever you wish within your reality. Bringing the possibilities to life, by making you aware of the options available for creating the life you desire.

Journey To Create Desires

Those inspirational seeds of thought are intended to help you find your way through life, guiding you to formulate the options available for creating not only a better life for yourself but also a better world.
Life wasn't meant to be difficult; it was supposed to be a wondrous adventure. So start to create the life you have imagined and always wanted. You create those chains that bind you, that limit you, that hold you back or even stop you from achieving your true potential in life. Start overcome life's issues, allowing you to live the life you imagined by creating what you need to live the life you truly deserve.

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Let Your Love Of Life Burn Brightly

01. Thoughts Intended To Inspire

  • • The Quality of what you do determines the quality of your life.
  • • You are like an architect, the sole creator of your own universe.
  • • The Difference between Success and failure is not giving up.
  • • Life is indeed a gamble, the ultimate game of chance, based purely upon having the ability to make the right choices at the right time. 
  • • Fate Decides your future if you don't intervene. If you let fate rule your life you are like dust on the wind.
  • • Create the life you most desire through your specific choices for what you want your life to be. 
  • • Change is one of the most vibrant elements we can use to create a different tomorrow. 
What is your identity, living in the now, passing in and out of dreams fighting to the finish?
It is the conclusion of history that we, human beings, are in fact the last apes standing, the rest have been condemned to extinction by time.

02. Don't Be A Prisoner Of Thought

Thoughts are strange things in a way, they invade your peace of mind, your tranquility, your every waking moment, they haunt you with their logic, concerns, hopes, dreams, worries, love, hate, wonderings, happiness and a whole myriad of other issues.
The power of thought if properly nurtured and thoroughly evolved to its maximum potential can provide you with an array of mighty weapons and tools to meet any situation, person or thing that may arise to confront you.
Don't let negative thoughts consume you, for given the opportunity they will govern you and every waking moment you have. Always search for the positive in any situation, eliminating negative factors whatever they may be and whatever course that they may take. You may even need to turn your entire life upside down in order to be in a position to achieve your true happiness and life's goal.
Take care what you expose your mind to, for it may latch onto something that could grow out of all proportions, consuming your every waking moment. Focus on what satisfies you and gives you the most satisfaction, be it learning, work or pleasure; these are the things to let your thoughts pursue by focusing on and consuming things of value if you consider the right thought, they will surely feel inspiring.
Your life will be a song in time, the music of the moment expressed in the beating of your heart. Savour every second, every thought; for all you will take with you from this life are your memories.
It seems the sole purpose of life is that you should experience as many things as possible. For what else could there be to do during eternity, but to reflect in great detail, upon the things that have happened in this life.
All this, a life, is just a fleeting moment in eternity, so why should you be burdened with such unnecessary heartache and torment that can exist. Should you not just let the moment be for what it is, observe and enjoy it, for in time it will not matter one way or another how this progress and turn out.
Is this time on earth to be a time to play, a time to live, thus are all the dreams and memories just to be to reflect on for eternity.
Your thoughts create then give birth to your reality, therefore you control your own destiny by what you think. In manifesting your desires there are apparently no limits other than those you impose upon yourself.
The universe responds to your every whim, so don't give energy to things you don't want because the universe does not distinguish between positive and negative thoughts.

03. Some Interesting Perspectives

While each of us is individual in our own specific way it is only a matter of time before one comes to the conclusion that we are all interconnected, we are all indeed one connected by frequency.
With a friend by your side - whoever they are - parents, siblings, relations, colleagues, acquaintances, they will make all the difference in the case of strife, despair, illness, trouble or even normal daily life issues.
Always have time for those around you, be they, enemies or friends. Being available to lend a helping hand to those who require help, whatever that may require, for in doing so you will build a lasting bond between you both.

04. You're The Architect Of Your Destiny

  • • Choose your dreams well
  • • Imagine what you desire actual existing within your life
  • • Identify all the minute details of exactly what it is that you want
  • • Fix all your focus upon whatever it is that you desire
  • • Start setting your desires in motion
  • • Expect with a strong intent that what you desire will become yours 
  • • Truly believe, without doubt, that what you want will become true 
Put effort into addressing life's issues, so that you can start to create the life you imagined, the life you truly deserve. Life was meant to be a wondrous journey, you trade that ideal for whatever you have because of your complacency, or whenever you accept whatever comes your way. Start unlocking the mysteries of life today to understand how to harness the power of creation within you to make life what you truly desire.

05. You are what you think

Reflecting upon what has happened to you in your life is the best way to understand your life's path and what has happened and is happening to you. 

Learn from the past and present in order to prepare yourself for the future; this will assist you in how to deal with things that will occur in the present and future in a more beneficial and efficient way.
It is within your capacity as humans to learn and grown from the things that have happened to you. Like a mirror reflecting your image your life reflects what you think about most and reflects back the conditions you experience, which is not only impacts who you really are but is a refection of who you are becoming.
Life is full of hustle and bustle, rushing here and rushing there; time seems to just pass by so fast before you know it time will have run out. Yet, if you don't stop, listen and reflect upon what has been and what you want for the future, the sands of time will leave you as dust blowing in the wind.
As the mirror reflects the world in an opposite image - so within time an opposite exists that reflects an alternative reality. Find the mirror of time and all things will be possible. The key to this door through time is held within the mind and imagination, and also in our dreams, we play on the doorstep or threshold of reality. Open this void in time, between your current reality and the mirror of time, by endlessly pushing the limits of your imagination, until finally, you can pass into the unreal new world of dream time.
Some people spend their lives walking in darkness, they don't actually realize this because this is the darkness of knowledge. You can create light through knowledge or illumination, a moment of light in the darkness. You have infinite resources at your fingertips, you just don't realize or utilize all the elements available to you or don't capitalize on them, or realize all the opportunities that come your way. With time your life gradually runs its course, while it may not seem like it you have all the same chances that everyone else has had; you may or may not have taken them or maximized them.

06. FAQ Header Title Goes Here

This is your chance, your chance to be, to dance upon the stage of space and time, to be mortal and to relish in the glory of your immortality.
Your life, your reality as you interact with it, governs who you are, whether you accept this actuality or not is solely your choice, whether you change this reality or how you react and respond to it is also your choice. Life will be only what you make it or conceive it to be.
The personality you are, the character that you come to know is just a figment of your imagination. That is, your imagination made you who and what you are today. Maybe you imagined you were a designer, a writer, a rock star, a carpenter, whatever; you then pursued that career as your goal. Perhaps it was on a whim, perhaps a childhood desire, an idea implanted into your consciousness by a parent, relatives, whoever. You pursued the course that was clear to you, that was set before you.
The point is you perhaps didn't look for options, the career you have is safe, provides what you have come to expect, therefore you stopped searching, stopped taking risks just lingered in the seemingly safe reality that you have. But what about the options, the additional steps that can lead you to a better life, a more fulfilling life, a life that would bring you above all ultimate happiness.
We all have dreams, but most times those dreams play second fiddle to surviving. The day to day drudgery that pays the rent, pays for food, luxuries, the things you think or believe you need. But what is more important? Is it worth the risk to give up all you have come to know in order to just take that chance to pursue your dreams? Not just the daily temporary dreams of things you want, but 'The Dream' the thing you want more than anything else for your life. To search for, to find, then pursue the true life experience you were born for.
Enjoy the moment for its simplicity, don't complicate it or confuse it by reading more into situations than actually exists, for if you do you will release energy forces that can grow out of all proportion and out of control; if they are negative they could reap havoc upon your life forces and spiral out of control.
It is within your dreams that you first live your lives - before each day even sees the light of reality. Each moment has been created in the dream world, from the perfect moment to the worst, each comes forth from a seed that was planted from within a dream. It is the perfection or imperfection of these seeds from dreams that determines your life. It is through your dreams during sleep or daydreams that you can fine-tune reality, thus you will be able to perfect your life experiences to be more enjoyable and desirable.
It is not possible to change what has already occurred, therefore it is not wise to dwell on the things of the past unless you do so in order to gain more value and knowledge from what happened, or to use the analysis of the experience in the future in some way. Each small action changes the world in some seen or unseen way, everything you do has an impact irrespective of whether this is evident or not.
From the small seed a tree is born and in the same way, each action propagates others that combined to become your life, to become your reality. These actions mold your being and you are gradually evolving changing minutely sometimes unnoticeable, but as time passed you become different from what you have been in the past. It is these changes that will govern who you are, who you become, therefore take great care with everything you do, as it will impact you immensely over the long run.

Find Your Vision

You must always have a clear vision, a desire, of what you want. If you can't see what you want in your mind's eye then what hope do you have of seeing what you want within your reality.
You are blessed with the ability to create, to make what you want real. With the constant focus on your dreams, you can make them really come true for us.
Fix your vision clearly upon what you want most, never waver, never give up until what you want is yours.

Everything Is There For You

Most people only see what they believe should be there so they miss many of life's wonders, these are hidden from them.
What you expect is what you see, even if there other things are there, your mind simply blocks them out, they then become invisible to you.
By clearly visualizing the things you desire or want, you can give these desires form that can be realized, that can be made real.

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