A Journey To Infinity

Journey To Infinity

From the dusts of time, the human race has risen up to become the most supreme, yet fragile creature on the face of the earth.
You can only begin to imagine what those far away ancestors persevered with in order to finally rise up into what people now believe is a civilized utopia.
With over Seven Billion people living in the world today, human beings are a phenomenally successful creature.
Deep in our memories the ancients passed on experiences that haunt us in our fears as well as our nightmares; also indeed our belief patterns have been molded by the generation upon generation of the ones that have passed this way before us.
What happened to Ardipithecus ramidus, Australopithecus afarensis, Homo ergaster, Homo neanderthalensis, Paranthropus boisei? We, Homo Sapiens are the last walking ape to survive, the only one left standing, the rest were discarded by fate and time to oblivion, to just memories, but they are a testament to the 5 million year journey we made to arrive at this point in time.
It is true that the pace has quickened, with questions about whether we too will become extinct due to some major natural or man-made catastrophe. Where are we now rushing to, in such a hurry?
Our personal journeys are frenzied, highly scripted hiatus from birth through to adult hood then to death. We are indeed mysterious creatures of light; the question is where will this journey lead from here, will we be destined to oblivion like many before us, or will our legacy be to give birth to yet a far more superior race of walking apes.

Bring Light into the Lives of Others

Bring Light

Always try to be a guiding light in the darkness, thereby giving direction to the lost, hope for those who have no hope, an inspiration to the uninspired.
Life is a dance with time, it can be lived at a fast or slow pace. Like a candle that burns quickly and is soon distinguished, so life will quickly end if lived too fast. Always stay in the light for it will brighten your life making each day full of wonder, for in the dark there is only depression, despair or disillusionment.
Light is an embracing of Knowledge, of truth as wells as righteousness; an embodiment of good, always.
Always embrace the light, let it encompass your very being, for it will lift up your moods, brightening your life, bringing meaning with the knowledge.
Light is everywhere in the universe, it is the essence of what you are, a being of light and energy.

Feed Your Mind With Light

Feed Your Mind

Some people spend there life walking in darkness, they don't actually realize this because this is the darkness caused by the lack of knowledge. Enlightenment is created through knowledge or illumination, creating a moment of light in the darkness.
Everyone has infinite resources at their fingertips, many just don't realize or utilize all the elements available to them or don't capitalize fully on, or realize all the opportunities that actually do come their way.
With time your life will gradually run its course, while it may not seem like it you have had all the same chances that everyone else has had; you may or may not have taken these chances or maximized them, or even realized they existed, but you did have so many choices available to capitalize on.
Some people worked intently, others took it easy; some were stressed others relaxed and at ease. These opposites of choice are the difference between success and mediocracy. The success belongs to the ones that used all the resources available to them to the maximum, then turn their dreams into strong desires that they intently pursued until they had achieved them. Mediocracy is the legacy of those who didn't pursue what they really wanted with the correct amount of energy or vigor or perseverance.

Create Dimensions In Your Life

Create Dimensions

Your life is made up of different dimensions, some you can see and comprehend, others you can't; immaterial or whether you can sense all the potential dimensions within your reality, or even just your comprehension, or not doesn't matter, science has proven that they are there. Like it or not, believe it or not, you are living in a multi-dimensional universe.
You can send a photo by Bluetooth® from your mobile 'phone to your computer without cables, receive e-mail wirelessly, telephone calls can be made on your mobile yet you don't see photo's, e-mails, or voice messages passing through the air, yet they do. Therefore, the old adage of 'seeing is believing' has no place in the modern world. Leaps of faith are also unnecessary, the pure fact that you can send or get e-mails through a wireless network, receive telephone calls from miles away on your mobile 'phone are proof enough that these things are possible, are indeed true. To someone even less than 50 years ago all these things would have seemed unfathomable, unreasonable that they should be believed, yet today they are taken for granted as a fact of life.
Likewise with other dimensions, beyond the 3 dimension, plus the 4th dimension of time, yet there are still many can't begin to comprehend that there are other realities or dimensions all around. Yet scientists are convinced that there are at least 12 known dimensional theories with the potential for the universe to be infinite in number.

It's The Decisions You Make That Make All The Difference

You are making decisions all the time, continually, some are conscious decisions while others are made on a subconscious level. You are always faced with a continuous stream of decision-making opportunities, ironically not to make a decision even is also a decision.
Making wise decisions is always a relative task, you won't know whether the decision is wise or correct until you have made then enacted it; a little like roulette from one perspective. However, decisions can be reversed and definitely should be if you are unhappy or unsatisfied with the results. The option of negating or reversing or changing a decision should not bear any stigma; so don't pay attention to how others may mock or chastise you for procrastinating or vacillating on your decisions.
You should make decisions at your own pace, doing exactly what you want to do; this doesn't mean to pay heed or attention to what others may say, there are always valuable outlooks available so one must capitalize upon these whenever they are available.