Your Womb With A View

Womb With A View

Your private space reflects in reality what your perception of that space actually is or should be, you have the ability to perfectly realize the environment you most desire, it can be yours just for the asking, it is just but a thought away.
The world is like a womb in which you live, you are surviving within it by using what you require and need from within this system called your reality.
When you consider the wilderness, this was once the condition of the entire world, but over the ions people of immense vision molded the environment into their perception of what the world should be.
The world is a beautiful place that is full of wonder, to find your perfect place of peace within the system is your right, for this is your life, your memories will be made by the quality of what you experience and your environment.
Dreams are like dust, if you don't hold and embrace them they will be blown away by the winds of time.

Last Apes Left Standing

Last Apes Left Standing

While each of us is individual in our own way it is only a matter of time before one comes to the conclusion that while individual everyone is inter-connected in some form, we are all indeed connected by various levels of frequency.
It is the conclusion of history that we, human beings, are in fact the last highly intelligent apes left standing, the rest have been condemned to extinction by time.
Your life, your reality as you interact with it, governs who you are, whether you accept this actuality or not is solely your choice, whether you change this reality or how you react and respond to it is also your choice. Life will be only what you make it or conceive it to be.
Touch everyone you meet like the wind touches the leaves of a tree, making them dance with joy, breathing a new life into them; blowing away the dead leaves of despair, hatred, longing, and the cobwebs of distrust and unfulfilled hopes and dreams; making their life and things for them better, creating desires and fulfilling hopes and dreams. Just think for a moment how lifeless the world would be without the wind and the breezes that make the world dance. Make your world dance, be the breeze to liven up others lives.
Indeed in the great scheme of things we are all united in destiny, we are all in this together, for this is all there is in these moments of time.

Nourish Your Mind To Grow

Nourish Your Mind

The world is our garden, or more appropriately a playground for our spirits to come to break the boredom of eternity, a kind of holiday resort for the mind.
Eternity is a fairly dramatic concept, that even for the most enlightened is difficult to truly perceive, what does eternity actually encompasses or mean? What do you do for eternity, how do you keep occupied - for some even passing a weekend productively is a challenge?
Brought down to its simplest level 'eternity' is something that goes on, and on, and on; it has no beginning and no end and lots and lots of stuff going on in the middle of it. Well, I personally do hope there is something to pass the time throughout eternity, the time when time won't even exist we are told.
So what does such a mass of intelligence do, just hanging out - so to speak, with an eternity to pass the time? Well, basically the same as we do in this reality is one possibility, just pursuing fluffy stuff like watching TV or listening to music, something to pass a really whole lot of time?
So it does make some sense that spirits do come to earth - this garden floating in space - to pass some time, to play out some role, to increase some knowledge, or obtain some experience of feeling. In short to obtain memories that can be reflected upon for an eternity; for some, this could be heaven or for others hell.

The Candle's Burning, Shining Inspiration

The Candle's Burning

Always find your guiding light, the beacon in your life, be it a person, place or thing - find your life path or life purpose then follow it with utter dedication, total focus, determination, concentration with a strong endeavor. If you wander without any direction or focus of intent you will be like a ship lost in the mist, wandering aimlessly, open to any disaster that may befall you. While your life may seem long, like you have all the time in the world, in actual effect your life is over quite quickly, almost in the blinking of an eye, sometimes unnoticed time just drifts away in a flash, then finally runs out. Make it your priority to use your time on this earth well, find your life focus or life path then pursue this goal with all the ferocity available to you, irrespective of the sacrifices required. Look for the guiding light or focus point that will lead the way for you. Gather people as well as resources around you who will be able to assist and support you in achieving what you deeply desire. Light is the basic element that is everywhere in the universe, for without light there is only darkness, for within darkness there is nothing; for darkness is the negative making light the opposing true positive. You should always try to endeavor to bring light, color, and beauty into the lives of others.

Perceive to Conceive

Reality is your illusion

It is actually a fact that what you choose to believe will become your reality, what you desire is what will be

You are free to go anywhere, anytime, it is all up to your desires related to your intent to achieve them. The constraints you make are created within your mind, they are just illusions. There is no reason to limit yourself to any undesirable circumstances or conditions, you have the ability to change them at any time you use the focus, desire, imagination, and expectation to work in achieving what you want.
The age-old adage; 'be careful what you wish for because you just might get it', is very true. But this saying actually does not always need to have negative connotations; basically, if you are unhappy or unsatisfied with your current life condition then you are the only one responsible because you have the ability as well as the capacity to change anything you are not satisfied with.
What is real or not real sometimes takes some effort to distinguish between them, indeed the subject is quite complexed, being open to individual interpretation and perception.
The space you occupy is your world it is subject to your desires - you can make it what you want - it is indeed your own private playpen, whoever enters or leaves is subject to what you want or desire.